It takes a mother’s encouragement to mold a successful career. And for fashion designer Hadeel Alhussain, whose interest in fashion started at a young age, it was words of wisdom from her mother who guided her young talent. Fundamentally a creative person, Alhussain has always wanted to be a fashion designer. This support from her mother during her formative years propelled her early interest in fashion to eventually running her fashion label.

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Alhussain has lived worldwide, and her native Riyadh, including diverse cities such as Copenhagen, Lebanon, Bahrain, and London. Her home base of Saudi Arabia is where she started her fashion career after graduating from the Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design. In addition, she has also studied fashion at ESMOD Beirut.

A true jet-setter who sites her international childhood as having influenced her sense of style, Alhussain feels that living in Denmark has had the biggest impact on her fashion. And according to the creative entrepreneur, “…fashion in Copenhagen is quite different from the style in Saudi Arabia.” Her style is a blend of everything and all of the cultures that she’s been influenced by.

Initially, as a visual artist, the young designer’s career end goal was to run her fashion label. Clear to distinguish between art and fashion by highlighting the inherent sophistication of technique, Alhussain feels that creating art is a much more personal journey. However, she enjoys combining her interest in art with her sense of creativity through designing clothing.

Having found frequent inspiration from the sophistication of fashion in the Middle Eastern, blending this refined aesthetic with Danish minimalism has given her label a distinctive feel.

When designing, Alhussain always thinks about the type of woman wearing her line and uses storytelling to fabricate a mood and theme with her clothing. As far as fashion inspiration, she loves creating silhouettes in her designs and playing around with volume. Alhussain believes that every collection tells a story and loves using her creativity to provoke a narrative for her label. Each of her dresses starts with insight and a story, and for the budding designer, searching for inspiration is like a never-ending journey.